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  • nick jonas jealous 091714 tbv
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  • ylvis truckers hitch 091614 tbv
  • mockingjay trailer 091714 tbv
  • Panic at the disco 091714 tbv
  • smart light 091714 tbv
  • Tim McGraw 091714 tbv
  • nick jonas 091614 tbv
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Dees Sleaze and More
icloud drive 091714 tbv

Hold On: Don’t Enable iCloud Drive Yet When You Upgrade To iOS 8

There's a catch: iCloud Drive is only compatible with iOS devices running iOS 8 and Macs running OS X Yosemite, which is not yet available.

ios 8 091714 tbv

The 18 Most Important Features In iOS 8

What's in iOS 8 that's going to change your world? Here's the short list...

taylor swift cat lady 091714 tbv

Taylor Swift Just Took Her Cat Lady Status To The Extreme

We're lovikng Taylor's new look, called: "cat draped lazily over forearm."

nick jonas jealous 091714 tbv

Nick Jonas Takes Us On A Psychedelic Ride In “Jealous” Video

Nick gets trippy and pretty deep in new music video.

nasa 091714 tbv

NASA Is Outsourcing Space Taxi Service To SpaceX, Boeing

The U.S. Space Program is finally tapping into the private sector,..about time!

mockingjay trailer 091714 tbv

Jennifer Lawrence Takes On The President In New “Hunger Games: Mockingjay” Trailer

Katniss Everdeen takes charge of the rebellion and challenges the Capitol in the latest teaser for the series’ third movie.

Panic at the disco 091714 tbv

Panic! at the Disco Nails Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”

PERFECT for your Wednesday!