“Price is Right” Model Manuela Arbelaez Dishes On Blunder




The price was right — but the model was wrong.

The mortified “Price is Right” assistant whose blunder has gone viral blames her antsy hands and scatterbrain for the slip-up she calls the “biggest mistake ever in game show history.”

“I wanted to go in a wormhole and disappear,” Manuela Arbelaez, 26, told the Daily News. “I knew there was no way to fix it. I went to this dark place, and I thought I’d get fired or it would be taken out of my paycheck.”

The Colombia-born beauty gave away a $21,960 Hyundai Sonata to a lucky contestant when she mistakenly exposed the winning selection, ending the game abruptly.



“It’s pretty heavy,” said Arbelaez, who broke down crying on the show. “It’s the most embarrassing, biggest mistake ever in game show history — or this is one of the top five.”

The six-year game show veteran’s instincts kicked in when she heard the buzzer go off. The doomed noise usually gives her the go-ahead to reveal all the remaining tags.

“To me, that sound effect is my cue that it’s game over,” she said, admitting that she zoned out. “In my head, it was game over. But, no, she had two more chances.”

“My hand just went for it,” the Los Angeles resident added. “Deep down, I was like, ‘No, don’t do it!’ My body reacted quicker than my brain.”

The ecstatic contestant erupted with glee upon seeing the flashy “WIN!” card.

“I won it!” she screamed, as a horrified Arbelaez covers her face in shame and hides.

It was Arbelaez’s first gaffe on the show, which has been on the air since 1956 when it was hosted by Bill Cullen and later Bob Barker.

“I’m a perfectionist. I’m very hard on myself. I do things right,” she said. “I’ve never made a mistake in those six years. And of course the one mistake I make, it’s the biggest mistake in ‘Price is Right’ history.”

The fortunate model wasn’t punished by the show’s producers or by host Drew Carey, her good pal who was “understanding and supportive,” she said.

They approached her during commercial break and said there was nothing to fret.

“I know Drew’s facial expressions, and I’ve never seen that in his face,” Arbelaez said in shame. “He was so shocked, but at the same time he thought it was the funniest thing ever.”

Arbelaez said she’ll have to live with the astonishing error for the rest of her life, but she’s taking the humiliation in stride.

“I had an Oprah moment,” she quipped. “She didn’t even have to play that game. I was like, ‘Girl, you know what? Have a car. Take it.”




Source: NY Daily News

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