Pick The Sureshot – Hit Radio Edition!

Posted January 25, 2014 by rick5090 in The Rick Dees Weekly Top 40
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Each week on the Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 Countdown, Rick makes his pick of the Countdown Sureshot – that song that’s sure to be a fast chart climber.

Rick wants to hear from you! Pick The Hit Radio Edition’s Sureshot from this week’s 3 choices listed below.

What do you think next week’s Sureshot should be? Share your thoughts!


Choice 1: Kelly Clarkson / Heartbeat Song

Choice 2: Becky G / Can’t Stop Dancin’

Choice 3: Priory / Weekend

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  • Nizzle

    Is there supposed to be like an audio sample of the songs to choose for the sure shot or do we just pick songs on our own?

  • rick5090

    Audio samples are here! Select which from the three you think should be the next Sureshot. Add your shout-outs and comments in the choice boxes about your choices, and your thoughts about the song(s). You may hear it in the Countdown!
    Thx guys!

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