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Dees Sleaze and More
iphone tracking you-082314 tbvjpg

How To Reset Your iPhone So It’s Not Tracking Your Movements

Ever feel like you're being tracked? YOU ARE! Find out how to turn it off.

burning man 10 082414 tbv

The 20 “One Things” You Need To Bring To Burning Man 2014

If you could only bring one thing to Burning Man 2014, what would it be? THIS YEAR: an umbrella....hehee..

patrick stewart 082314 tbv

Patrick Stewart’s Ice Bucket Challenge Is A Lesson In Class

Patrick shows us all how it's done. √√√√√

mariah carey 082314 tbv2

Nick Cannon Says He’s The One Who Is Pulling Plug On Marriage, Not Mariah

Nick's worries about the children apparently go beyond what we all first thought.

raining man 082514 tbv

Burning Man More Like Raining, Man

Burning Man postponed, rained out during an historic California drought. Talk about ironic. #ShadesOfWoodstock

worth it featured2

Rick Dees’ Planet Of The Apps: Worth It

Heads up Shoppers: Here's your EASY way to find the best price on the items you love while on the go – Worth It!

jesse helt 082714 tbv

Miley’s Pal Jesse May Want To Check In With His Parole Officer

Jesse, he'd like a word with you.