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Dees Sleaze and More
2013 youtube rewind 121113 tbv

YouTube Rewind: 2013′s List Of Top Trending, Music And News YouTube Videos

What videos tops the list of most watched videos for 2013? Check out this recap and see if you agree.


Rick Dees’ Planet Of The Apps: Baby Doctor Toy Hospital Game

Ever dream of being a doctor? Baby Doctor - Toy Hospital Game gives kids a taste of the medical field caring for babies, helping make them well again.

free shipping shopping 121213 tbv

Dees Hot List: Free Shipping Deals Through Christmas 2013

Attention Holiday Shoppers: you can still get free shipping with your online holiday shopping through Christmas. Here's where!

kanye south park tbv 121213

“South Park” Informs Kanye West That Kim Kardashian Might Be A Hobbit

Comedy Central mainstay spoofs Kanye's "Bound 2" video (and more..!) ... a total SCORE.

claire kindergarten 12113 tbv2

Adorable Toddler SIGNS As Kindergarten Class Sings So Her Deaf Parents Can Enjoy The Show

Watching this is guaranteed to be the best 3:40 minutes you'll spend in your day.

sound of music live 121013 tbv

Get Ready Twitter: NBC To Re-Air “Sound Of Music Live!”

Something tells me Julie Andrews is going to have a really terrific Christmas present this year....

salsa chihuahua 121013 tbv

Perfect Rx For Your Hump Day: Salsa Chihuahua

C'mon... here's a little help to get you through the week to the weekend.

us womens ski team 121013 tbv

U.S.’s Women’s Ski Team Just Wants To Have Fun With Katy Perry Sing-Along

Catchy tunes, some awesome GoPro footage, and a nice acoustic jam. Go Team USA!