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Dees Sleaze and More
katy perry 101014 tbv

Katy Perry To Perform At Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show

Baby, she’s a firework....Roar!!!

george clooney 101014 tbv

George Clooney, Amal Alamuddin Get Their Own “Downton Abbey”

The newlyweds are now the proud lord and lady of The Mill House, a sprawling 17th-century manor on the River Thames in the British countryside.

amanda bynes 101014 tbv

Amanda Bynes Caught On Surveillance Camera Before Alleged Barneys Shoplift

Apparently off her meds, looks like girlfriend could use some help. • VIDEO •

amanda bynes 100314 tbv

Amanda Bynes’ Parents “Truly Believed She Was Doing Well”

Saw taletale signs of trouble before her second DUI arrest.

ed sheeran 100114 tbv

Ed Sheeran Literally Takes You To Church With His Hozier Cover

Time to get on the bus as Ed belts out "Take Me To Church."

amanda bynes 100114 tbv

Amanda Bynes’ Parents Don’t Know Where She Is

Reportedly off her meds and back on the weed, seems Amanda is once again a little girl lost.

trace cyrus 100114 tbv

Miley Cyrus Cheers Her Brother Up With… More Tattoos?

Trace needs comforting, and Miley's just the sister for the job.