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Dees Sleaze and More
judge judy 030315 tbv

CBS extends “Judge Judy” Through 2020

Court to stay in session for the popular judge for another 5 years.

jared leto 030215 tbv

Jared Leto Cuts Hair & Shaves Off Beard

All done in preparation for his Joker role in "Suicide Squad."

cindy crawford 030215 tbv

Cindy Crawford Claims That “Real” Photo Was Photoshopped

No, she's not quite just like the rest of us...nor should she be!

pamela anderson 030215 tbv

Pamela Anderson Quits Social Media

Tells followers it's "nothing personal..."

Maggie Smith 030215 tb

Maggie Smith To Leave “Downton Abbey” After Season 6

Downton Abbey without our favorite Dowager Countess? Oh nooooooo!

Stardom hollywood featured

Rick Dees’ Planet Of The Apps: Stardom: Hollywood

Don't want to pay money to Kim Kardashion to play her celebrity game? Your wish is granted with Stardom: Hollywood!

hot property countdown 030215 tbv

What Are The Hottest Properties In Southern California?

Find out with the Hot Property Countdown with Kevin Dees!