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Rick Dees’ Planet Of The Apps: AutoRap

And you thought you couldn't rap. With AutoRap, you can rap just about ANYTHING!

Rick Dees, Apple iWatch, iWatch tbv 042815

Rick’s First Look At The New Apple Watch

Guess what Rick's got... want one?

joe manjello - 042815 tbv

Count The Abs In Joe Manganiello’s Shirtless “Magic Mike” Poster

The ONLY relief for your Man-Crush Monday hangover....(you're welcome!)

sam smith 042815 tbv

Sam Smith Cancels Australian Tour Due To Health Issues

Immediate medical concern may have the popular singer down for awhile...

zoolander 2 042015 tbv

Ben Stiller Just Announced Major New “Zoolander 2” Stars

It just keep getting better and better...