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Dees Sleaze and More
male models 101714 tbv

These Male Models Quarantined Themselves Because Of Ebola

These two gents are taking no chances...

glympse featured

Rick Dees’ Planet Of The Apps: Glympse

Give your friends the reassurance of knowing where you are and your anticipated return time with Glympse!

brad pitt fury 101714 tbv

“Fury” Stars Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf Hold Private Screening For Troops At Fort Benning

"I hope we got a few things right for them,"Pitt said. Tanks guys!!!!

drones 101814 tbv

New Program Will Test Air Traffic Control for Drones

Do we really need an traffic control system just for drones?


Rick Dees’ Planet Of The Apps: Snap By Groupon

Get cash back on the grocery items you need, from fruits and veggies to beauty products and cleaning supplies with Snap app by Groupon!

bermuda 101714 tbv

Watch Live: Hurricane Gonzalo Hits Bermuda

As of Friday night, the Live Cam Action from the Port Bermuda Webcam at the Royal Naval Dockyard shows things looking pretty hairy...

zuckerberg 101414 tbv

Mark Zuckerberg Drops $100 Million On Hawaiian Property

Zuckerberg also bought two adjacent properties: Pila'a Beach and Kahu'aina Plantation. Pineapple express!

dirty dancing 101414 tbv

Kid Recreates Iconic “Dirty Dancing” Routine

Nobody puts Charlie in a corner!

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