The Jimmy Kimmel Sketch That Fired Up Kanye West

Posted September 30, 2013 by rick5090 in Dees Sleaze
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This week Jimmy Kimmel surprised everyone when he unintentionally ignited a twitter war with Kanye West that still hasn’t settled down.

In case you missed it, Kimmel aired a sketch parodying a recent interview BBC Radio One did with Kanye.

In it, Kanye calls himself a civil rights movement, claims he invented leather jogging pants, and covers many other wonderful things he’s done in his career.

Many think that if you ask Kanye, he’d tell you it’s the “first piece of honest media in years” in all caps….which is exactly what he did on Twitter after seeing Kimmel’s clip and personally calling Jimmy Kimmel out to threaten him to apologize.

If you wish to see the all-caps craziness rant, CLICK HERE.

Here’s a little more of the aftermath, from Kimmel’s point of view:






Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live, Twitter



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