paleo apple cinnamon cake

Rick’s Paleo Apple Cinnamon Cake

Apple cake fans will love this super-moist Paleo version. Lactose and gluten free, it's moist and tender on the inside, crusty and crumbly on the outside.

Uncle RIgdon's Molten Chocolate Cake

Uncle Rigdon’s Molten Chocolate Cake

Imagine warm Devil's Food chocolate cake, with a secret molten chocolate fudge cache inside...topped with ice cream in a chocolate shell! Sinful!

Uncle Rigdon's Red Velvet Cake

Uncle Rigdon’s Red Velvet Cake

Super moist, soft, and LOADED with love, Uncle Rigdon's Red Velvet Cake will absolutely become one of your favorites!

Rick's Classic Carrot Cake

Rick Dees’ Classic Carrot Cake – The World’s Best!

Rick Dees' delicious Classic Carrot Cake topped with the Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting is world famous! Be prepared for rave reviews from your family and friends!

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