Beyonce Shares How She Lost Her Baby Weight!

Posted March 22, 2013 by yelmasri in Dees Sleaze
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Beyonce wants to have another baby after her big concert tour. The singer, who gained 57-pounds when she was pregnant, got back into shape by eating a very low-cal diet. Cutting back was 80% of it, but she always has breakfast – like scrambled egg whites and a vegetable smoothie, and she has a cheat meal every Sunday – usually pizza.

She thinks her ideal weight was when she was working on her video ‘Crazy in Love.’ So that is what she aims for.

Beyonce’s Diet Secrets for losing her baby weight including eating fish instead of red meat, replacing the pasta and rice with quinoa (keen’-wah), and lots of salads.

She plans to advise Blue Ivy to embrace who she really is. She says, “It took me until I was 25 to fully appreciate the things about my personality and body that make me special. As a kid, you have stuff you’re self-conscious about, but then you grow up and look back on it and realize ‘I had no idea I was so fly.’”

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